Covid-19 poses an immense threat to our country. It not only acts as a physical threat but disrupts meaningful social connections and interactions. Many veteran homes have been forced to lockdown in order to protect residents from potential outbreaks. Although these lockdown orders were necessary, they have upended activities and visits in these homes leaving many residents isolated. Some homes have opted to fill this gap of social interaction by receiving phone calls and skype calls... Unfortunately, many homes are unable to participate in this mode of contact due to limited technology, poor bandwidth, or even a disinterest from members to interact with new technology. After seeing the difference small phone calls made in some of these residents' lives, we decided that we needed to try new ways of interacting with residents to make them feel supported and cared for. Thus, we decided the best way to reach out to these members was through letters. 

Just 5 or 10 minutes of your time can make a major difference in someone's life 

Our Mission

Our mission is to brighten the days of the many retired veterans stuck in isolation at residency homes. Just hearing from kids, teens, and adults all around the US will let many veterans know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. 


Our Vision

Each home has a unique method of distributing letters. Some homes choose to post the letters/cards to a board so that all the members can see. Other homes save the notes until a resident is having a particularly difficult day. Many residencies simply distribute the cards and letters among residents. Whatever the method of distribution, cards and letters make a major difference in these veterans' lives. Our vision is to ensure that veteran residents receive at least one card or letter to help them through this difficult time. 

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